Many years ago I started suffering with debilitating daily migraines and raising weight gain. The doctors sent me for numerous tests and MRI scans but could not identify an obvious cause.

I spent many hours scouring the internet looking for answers and stumbled across an article suggesting that a keto diet, originally created for those who suffer from epilepsy as it can help reduce brain inflammation, had promising early signs of being able to reduce migraine attacks too.

I was willing to give anything a try at this point and this is where my keto lifestyle began.

The results were better than I could’ve hoped for.

My migraines disappeared and my weight dropped – all whilst being able to eat really yummy fat laden food so I didn’t feel I was depriving myself.

However whilst keto diets have increased in popularity recently due to many recognising the amazing health benefits and laser focus you can achieve on them, when I started there were hardly any keto recipes out there.

Instead I spent hours adapting (sometimes unsuccessfully!) existing recipes and experimenting with different substitutions to get the required macros everyday – whilst still eating a varied diet.

I’m a busy mom of 2 so it was essential that the meals I cooked for myself were family friendly so the kids would eat them too, quick and easy to make. That is when I started documenting the recipes I created and SimpleYummyKeto was born.

I loved sharing an absolute star of an idea with fellow keto followers and building up a library of recipes so others didn’t have to start from near-scratch like I did. A plus side was that I thought if I documented my recipes it would hold me more accountable to keep to the keto lifestyle.

Many years on, I haven’t stopped following a keto diet – or sharing recipes. I really enjoy trying out news ideas and sharing the best ones with you all. I cannot imagine it any other way.

So whether you are a keto-pro looking for fresh ideas, or a total newcomer to keto and wondering what it is all about, I hope you enjoy the site and pick up some inspiration!

I am always happy to answer any questions you might have and if you have an awesome keto recipe you want to share with the world, feel free to get in touch.

Good luck and enjoy good keto food!

J xx