Is 365 TriColor Tomatoes Keto Friendly?

This product is a great way to enjoy the flavors of tomatoes without compromising your ketogenic diet. 365 TriColor Tomatoes offers an ideal Keto-friendly option for those following this nutritional plan. The low net carb content and lack of any non-keto ingredients makes it easy to incorporate into meals while still enjoying all the delicious flavor that comes with fresh tomatoes. Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or something unique to add variety and taste to your dinner table, 365 TriColor Tomatoes can help make a meal that’s both nutritious and tasty!

How Many Calories In 365 TriColor Tomatoes

A 100g of 365 TriColor Tomatoes contains 25 calories of which 2.5g is net carbs, 0.5g is protein and 1.5g is fat.

Nutritional Breakdown Of 365 TriColor Tomatoes per 100g
Calories Net Carbs Protein Fat
25 2.5g 0.5g 1.5g

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