Is Kroger Gummi Worms Keto Friendly?

Kroger Gummi Worms are certainly not a part of any Keto dieter’s menu, as this processed snack contains an abundance of unhealthy ingredients. Not only is it high in carbohydrates, but also full of sugar, blue #1 and high fructose corn syrup – all things that should be avoided on the ketogenic lifestyle.

How Many Calories In Kroger Gummi Worms

A 100g of Kroger Gummi Worms contains 140 calories of which 31g is net carbs, 3g is protein and 0g is fat.

Nutritional Breakdown Of Kroger Gummi Worms per 100g
Calories Net Carbs Protein Fat
140 31g 3g 0g

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