Is Mulay’s Chorizo Keto Friendly?

Mulay’s Chorizo is the perfect partner for those on a Keto diet, as it offers all the flavour and satisfaction of regular chorizo without any unwanted carbs. This deliciously spiced meat is an excellent source of healthy fats and proteins, making it an ideal addition to any meal. Enjoy its rich flavours in tacos, burritos, salads or even on its own; however you prepare it you can be sure that Mulay’s Chorizo won’t break your calorie budget. With no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, this tasty treat ensures that every bite will be free from non-keto ingredients – allowing you to stay firmly in ketosis!

How Many Calories In Mulay’s Chorizo

A 100g of Mulay’s Chorizo contains 140 calories of which 1g is net carbs, 9g is protein and 11g is fat.

Nutritional Breakdown Of Mulay’s Chorizo per 100g
Calories Net Carbs Protein Fat
140 1g 9g 11g

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