Is Splenda Allulose Keto Friendly?

Splenda Allulose is the ideal sweetener for those following a Ketogenic diet; it’s naturally low in carbohydrates and maintains its sweetness, making it the perfect ingredient to enjoy guilt-free. This natural sweetener has no calories or aftertaste and provides a healthy way to satisfy your cravings without compromising on taste. Whether you’re baking up some keto-friendly treats or simply looking for an alternative to sugar, Splenda Allulose is the perfect choice!

How Many Calories In Splenda Allulose

A 100g of Splenda Allulose contains 0 calories of which 0g is net carbs, 0g is protein and 0g is fat.

Nutritional Breakdown Of Splenda Allulose per 100g
Calories Net Carbs Protein Fat
0 0g 0g 0g

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