can the keto diet help anxiety

Can Keto Diet Help with Anxiety

While the keto diet is becoming pretty popular as people start the switch to a low-carb diet and find that they’re losing fat and retaining lean muscle, it’s time to chat about whether or not the keto diet can help with anxiety. I’m sure you’ve seen or experienced the weight loss from the keto diet, but have you experienced or seen others start to feel better mentally? Well, today we’ll chat a bit about whether or not the keto diet helps with anxiety so that you can look into this diet more or understand why you may be feeling a little mentally clear now that you’ve been on the keto diet for a while.

Can Keto Diet Help with Anxiety?

For starters, not everyone has the same level of anxiety as the other. So while this may help with some people, it may not help with your anxiety. I have seen that the keto diet does help with anxiety for many people which is why I wanted to share how the keto diet can help anxiety in most cases.

Yes. The keto diet helps with anxiety. I personally can attest to the Keto diet helping with anxiety. It has definitely helped my anxiety ten-fold. 

Food Impacts Health

Your food choices will impact both your emotional and physical health. Many people are able to see this impact food has on their emotional and physical health because they feel worse when they eat foods that are unhealthy for them. Switching to the keto diet is a low-carb option to reduce the sugar spikes, which can impact your mental health as well as help you to lose some weight.

Increased Focus

When it comes to the keto diet, your focus tends to be increased. This is due to the fact that you’re eating better foods that help your body burn fat for energy. While you won’t see the clarity right away, within about a month of being on the keto diet you’ll find that you have an increased ability to focus, which means you’ll have an increased ability to shy away from those anxious thoughts. So while the keto diet does help with anxiety, I have to wonder if it’s partially due to this increased focus.

More Energy

Anxiety can consume us most when we’re overtired, stressed out or dealing with too much. In addition to our outward issues of life, anxiety can creep in when we’re simply not eating or exercising properly. With the keto diet, you tend to have more energy as your body works to burn fat for energy instead of the up and down spikes you get when you eat too many carbs. With more energy comes the ability to have the strength to redirect your anxious thoughts towards a more logical and realistic thinking pattern.

When you start making healthier diet choices, such as the keto diet, your anxiety really does slow down. You’ll have the ability to find the strength to redirect your anxious thoughts, have more focus to put on the more important areas in life and in turn, you’ll feel physically better which will impact your mental health in a positive way. At the end of the day, I have to say that yes, the keto diet does help with anxiety for most people.

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can a ketogenic diet help anxiety

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