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What To Eat On The Keto Diet

The Keto diet is a popular choice among many for a variety of reasons from disease and symptom control and prevention to weight loss and overall health. Let’s dive into the details of what exactly it means to eat keto, the foods you should and shouldn’t eat while on keto diet.

In general, keto means avoiding most carbs and eating a variety of meat, fish, vegetables, natural healthy fats like olive oil, butter, as well as drinking water, coffee and tea without additives. You will want to avoid all processed foods, sugars and drinks. Among the list of foods to avoid are; breads, pastas, rice, juice, soda, fruit, potatoes and anything processed like candy and prepackaged snack foods. 

keto diet infographic

Meat and Fish

Keep in mind you are eating high fat, not high protein. When eating meats you want to purchase the best kind that you can. Organic grass fed meats are best (local is even better!) but not always feasible for every persons situation. Portion your meat as you would on any other diet not over eating it. Processed meats are not included in this diet such as sausages, lunch meats and premade foods like frozen meatballs. Keep an eye on the ingredients, additives and carbs. When eating fish you want to avoid breading, and choose wild caught varieties whenever possible. 


Almost any veggie is fair game. The rule of thumb is that it should be a veggie that grows above ground. 


Fruit in general should be avoided as the natural sugar content creates a high carb food. However, the nutrients and fiber available in fruit is also very beneficial to your body. It’s recommended that while eating keto you eat berries in moderation as your fruit of choice since they are lower on the carb scale and provide vitamins and nutrients needed by the body.  

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats include things like butter, olive oil, avocado, and high fat dairy. You want to avoid processed oils like palm and soy oil and low fat dairy and dairy substitutes. 

Breads and Pasta

Most people know that bread and pasta are two of the worst offenders of carbs when it comes to any diet. However, it’s possible to still eat these foods by substituting keto versions. Cauliflower grilled cheese, zucchini noodles, 90 second bread using eggs, there are many options available to still have versions of your favorite foods while following the keto guidelines.

Other Starches

Potatoes, other root veggies and legumes should all be avoided. Cauliflower makes a good substitute both for rice and mashed potatoes. 


Water is your best choice, and using and infuser bottle or purchasing carbonated water and adding your own flavoring can both be good options to mix up the taste if you don’t like plain water.

Check out this free keto grocery list printable to help you with your shopping!

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what to eat on the keto diet

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