Keto Compared To Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers vs Keto

The Ketogenic diet is everywhere now. Every time you turn on a talk show or go onto social media, there is someone there touting the attributes and quick results of the Keto diet. Here we will compare this relatively new diet to one that has been around for many years (Weight Watchers) and break down the differences between the two to allow you to make your own decision on which is better for you and your lifestyle. Let’s compare Keto to Weight Watchers to decide which is a better fit for you.

The Basics of the Keto Diet

The keto diet is actually a diet that when first introduced was used as a tool for disease management of epilepsy in the 1920’s. The goal of the diet is to force the body into a constant state of ketosis which will allow it to burn more fat and aid in weight loss. 

Ketosis is a state that the body goes into where it begins to burn fat and produce what are called ketones to use for energy instead of getting the energy from carbohydrates which is the normal process. By significantly cutting down on the carbs you consume (the primary fuel source for the body) and eating more dietary fats, you are essentially starving the body for carbs, so it must go to its backup source, the fats, to maintain the energy needed for function. In order to achieve and maintain this constant state of ketosis, the keto diet requires you to get 60-80% of your calories from fat, 20-30% from protein and only 5-10% from carbohydrates. 

The Basics of Weight Watchers Freestyle

Weight Watchers bases their diet on a Smart Points system that contains 4 areas of nutritional content. These 4 areas are calories, protein, sugar, and saturated fats. Each food is assigned its own smart points value based on these 4 components which can be input into their points calculator and determined for any food that they do not already have in their system. 

Initially, you are assigned a daily points budget of sorts based on certain measures such as your height, weight, and daily activity levels. You then must track your food based on these points with healthier foods costing less points and unhealthy ones costing more. The idea is that eventually you learn portion control and healthier eating by keeping track of these “points” and how they affect your daily balance.

What The Difference Between Keto and Weight Watchers

The Keto diet is very strict on what you can and cannot eat, cutting out grains, beans, legumes, and highly restricting many other foods. With Weight Watchers there is more flexibility for those who prefer it and there are no food restrictions. Basically, you can eat anything you like as long as you stay within your points value for the day. 

Both diets actually have similar protein requirements, however, the fat and carb restrictions are quite different. Keto encourages high fat and low carb, while Weight Watchers encourages a lower fat diet with more moderate carbs. 

Essentially, both diets require you to measure your food intake, just in different ways. With Keto you must measure your fat, protein, and carbohydrate percentages and with weight watchers you count your total points for the day. 

All in all, the final decision is up to you as to which diet to choose. Are you capable of sticking with strict restrictions and cutting out many foods that you may now consume and enjoy, but have faster results? Or do you prefer a more flexible diet that still allows you to eat your favorite foods in moderation as long as you have enough points for it that day but have slower, yet steady results?

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keto diet compared to weight watchers

Which is better Weight Watchers or Keto?

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