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30 Minute Keto Lunch Recipes

If you’re looking for simple, 30 Minute Keto Lunch recipes that anyone can make, these lunch recipes are perfect for just that. With these amazing options, you can literally meal plan out your entire week!

What can I have for lunch on Keto?

These Keto lunch ideas should help give you some creative recipes that you can have eat. A few of these recipes can even be made ahead to help save you time or to take to work.

One of the biggest struggles of staying on the Keto diet is that you need to plan ahead to make certain you’re eating things you should be. And let’s be honest…not everyone is so good at planning ahead, right? But truth be told, it actually isn’t all that hard to do. The key to having success with your Keto lifestyle? Breaking it down into 7-day spans and using meal planning as your guide.

How do I meal plan on Keto?

Meal planning is vital to helping you eat healthy. It is easy to sit down one day a week and plan and prep out what you will eat each day. This is helpful when grocery shopping too. I know for a fact that if I can break down my menu for the upcoming week into doable recipes, I’ll stay on track. It’s when I start trying to add in 30 days or more that my mind¬†starts to wander a bit and I notice that I begin to lose a bit of motivation.

The good news? These 30 minute Keto meals are perfect for lunch and will make your weekly meal planning a breeze!

30 Minute Keto Lunch Recipes

Chicken Cabbage Stir Fry

chicken and cabbage stir fry - 30 minute keto lunch recipes

There’s just something about a good stir fry that gets me hungry every single time. And what I love most about this one is that it’s so few ingredients and crazy easy to make! In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be dining on a dish that tasted like it took hours to make. Recipe here.

Cabbage and Sausage Skillet

cabbage and sausage skillet - 30 minute keto lunch recipes

One of the ways to meal plan is to be able to use certain food ingredients again and again. With the cabbage that you have left over from the previous recipe, you can whip up this delicious cabbage and sausage skillet recipe as well. Plus, the taste of sausage and cabbage is seriously delicious. Recipe here.

Keto Coconut Shrimp in the Air Fryer

Keto coconut shrimp - 30 minute keto lunch recipes

One word: delicious. Who knew that having coconut shrimp in your air fryer was actually Keto approved? You’ll love being able to have bite after bite of this delicious lunch knowing that you’re well within the boundaries of your Keto lifestyle. Recipe here.

Tomato Basil Chicken Soup

tomato basil chicken soup - 30 minute keto lunch recipes

Who doesn’t love a delicious soup? Being able to taste the creamy goodness of this chicken soup is a game changer to meal planning. And if you don’t eat it all, you can freeze and save it for later! Recipe here.

Thai Chicken Salad

Thai chicken salad - 30 minute Keto lunch recipes

The flavors of this salad are seriously out of this world. After one bite, you’ll be hooked and coming back for me. Plus, since this recipe uses canned chicken it’s really quick and easy to make. There aren’t many salads out there that pack the flavor of this one! Recipe here.

California Sushi Roll Stuffed Avocados

Keto sushi rolls - 30 minute keto lunch recipes

Say what? You *might* love these so much that you add them to your meal planning more than once per week. Not only is this dish fun to eat, but it’s unique enough that it’s actually fun to make, too! Recipe here.

Keto “Mac” and Cheese

keto mac and cheese - 30 minute keto lunch recipes

Everyone and I mean everyone, loves mac and cheese…and this keto recipe takes that comfort food and puts a delicious twist on it! It’s simple to make and still gives you that feeling as though you’re eating that delicious cheesy dish. Recipe here.

It’s not hard to meal plan for lunch if you do it in actionable and small steps. These 7 30-minute recipes are perfect for starting your week out with ease. Plus, I’ve already meal planned them for you so now all you have to do is head to the store and get the ingredients!

If you take an hour each week to pick out your menus, you’ll find that meal planning can be a breeze!

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