Aldi's keto bread

Aldi’s Keto Bread

The newest Keto trend is Aldi’s keto-friendly bread it is getting all the positive reviews and raves in Ketogenic groups and forums. I had to get my hands on this popular bread and try it out for myself. I was surprised to find it at my local (small town Aldi’s), I have seen many people unable to find it at their Aldi’s (possibly not stocked or sold out).

aldi keto friendly bread review

Aldi’s Keto Bread

L’Oven Fresh Zero Carb Net Bread was originally launched as an Aldi Find (meaning it was planned to be stocked for a limited time), however due to it’s popularity stores are expected to regularly carry it by mid-October. There are two options available Whole Wheat and Multi-Seed it retails for $2.99 at Aldi’s, but you can also buy it on eBay for over $10 – just shows how crazy people are going over this keto-friendly bread.

Can you have bread on the Keto diet?

Typically no, bread is high in carbohydrates because it is made with wheat + grains. However there are lots of creative alternatives that you can eat besides traditional bread on the ketogenic diet.

What bread is OK on Keto?

There are lots of recipes that make great Keto friendly bread options such as cloud bread, microwave keto bread, and the famous chaffle.

Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Zero Carb Net Bread is a great option depending on how strict you are when it comes to the Ketogenic diet.

Another option is ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Bread Honey, which is more expensive than Aldi’s keto friendly bread. I haven’t personally tried this option before.

What does Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Zero Carb Net Bread taste like?

The short answer is Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Zero Carb Net Bread actually tastes like bread, which is amazing if you have been craving or missing bread. It is light and actually moist too. The slices are smaller than a traditional bread slice.

I tasted it two ways – just plain and then I toasted it and added butter. I actually preferred it not toasted, but that’s just my personal taste preference.

toasted keto bread

What is the nutrition information for Aldi’s Keto-Friendly bread?

The multiseed Keto friendly bread has 50 calories, 5 grams protein, 9 gram carbohydrates, and 9 grams fiber.Aldi keto friendly bread nutrition information


Aldi keto friendly bread nutrition information

While the wheat Keto-friendly bread has 45 calories, 5 grams protein, 9 grams carbohydrates, and 9 grams fiber.

What does zero net carbs mean?

Net carbs are total carbohydrates minus dietary fiber and sugar alcohol. For the Keto friendly bread options it would be wheat and grain.

Is Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Zero Carb Net Bread keto approved?

People argue both sides of this bread being Keto approved. I think it really just depends on how strict Keto you are, if this is a good option for you. If you want to avoid grains all together, then this bread is not a good option for you on the Ketogenic diet. If you are more relaxed (dirty keto) then you might love it!

Will you try Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Zero Carb Net Bread keto friendly bread?

Aldi's keto bread

Other Keto bread options to try to satisfy your carb cravings:


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